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Biologique Recherche Salon - first exclusive authorized beauty salon 

Harmony skin is characterized by a closed structure of the epidermis, uniform tint, brightness, strength, and resistance to fatigue and manifestations of aging.

Individual care "for peace" and another step towards perfection is carried out in basic, and highly luxurious special treatment of the face, neck and neck.

The skin is the action of individual applications evolves, it becomes an ideal and is ready to maintain its optimum balance in any environment and situation.

High demands are also placed on the immediately visible and objectively measurable long-term and permanent result, not only in care "at peace" but also before and after surgical care and domiciliary care.

Art Biologique Recherche was born 30 years ago in France. Highly concentrated active substance (more than 20%) the purest botanical and marine extracts and biotechnology has created such a composition and methods of application that can meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

Metologie Biologique Recherche

1st Separate rehabilitation skin healthy and glowing skin

Immediate, extraordinary and always magical results.

Products supplied skin nutrition needed for ideal regeneration and metabolism, which are composed so that the skin regenerate itself. Better skin surface conditions, the skin becomes healthier and more radiant.

2nd High concentration of the purest active ingredients, more than 20% 

 The development of skin products on the medical level, contain some of the highest and purest concentrations of active substances. It works quickly, naturally and achieve visible and lasting results.

3rd Respect the original structure

Products kept the original structure of the active substance, which is the only way to guarantee their effectiveness at the time of exposure. Therefore, the active substances obtained during the cold process, added to the end of production to products.

4th No artificial fragrance

The products are non-perfumed. Additional fragrance provides no benefit to the effects of products and active substances may degrade. The client also tends to have allergic reactions to many commonly used perfume substances.


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